Wolf Rock Farm Equestrian Facility

Wednesday, 19 September 2012 20:08

Ellen Coletti Joins the Wolf Rock Farm Team!

Wolf Rock Farm is proud to announce FEI rider/trainer Ellen Coletti. Ellie provides exceptional knowledge and commitment to both horse and rider. For the horse, her strong background in classical dressage steadily improves the horse for dressage as a sport or for building better jumpers by strengthening their overall muscle condition and elasticity. For the rider, Ellie focuses on tangible improvements, while providing understanding to the reason behind the training in a positive, motivated atmosphere.

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"Wolf Rock Farm is a wonderful place to board a horse. Friendly people, peaceful atmosphere. Horse and boarder are treated with the utmost care, by a very knowledgeable staff. Great turnout, they will accommodate special requests. Beautiful indoor with excellent footing. Trails are right off the property. Trainer and barn manager, Ellie Coletti, is great to train with and help you with any  and all  inquiries you may have about your horse. She really cares! My horse has never been happier!"
Maureen Atchison - Boarder WRF since 5/12
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